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Kenmore 80 series washer..apparently a tool of the devil


About a month ago, it stopped spinning out. it agitated the clothes perfectly, it just didn't spin them out. so we replaced the clutch (as per the instructions of a couple of family friends who do this stuff for a living) and the motor coupling.  Now we have a burning rubber smell and it still won't spin out a normal sized load (right now, I've got half of a small load going in there, running on the medium load setting and it seems to be working fine).  what's up with the smell, does it have anything to do with why my washer isn't working properly and what can I do to fix it?


Model 110.28803890

My guess is when they installed the coupling they jammed it up against the motor or the tranny.  The outer pieces of the coupling need only be FLUSH. Jammed up causes friction. Just a guess. Been there done that.

Great topic title!


  You didn't get the coupler on far enough. This happens all the time when DIY'ers install them. Burning rubber smell is the tip-off. Use a socket and hammer to make sure the plastic coupler halves are onto the shafts so that they are flush with the ends of the shafts. Where did you get the clutch from? Is it a genuine Whirlpool FSP part?



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