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The hardest part of appliance repair...

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Icehouse welcome to the forum. My old mentor Mr Fred was a RSES member. He and myself enjoyed many a day working on ice machines, window units, and whatever else came into the shop. He was an employee of Alabama power company in the 40's. It was a pleasure to be associated with this very knowledgable man. If you know half as much as he knew then you will indeed be a very much appreciated addition to our little web page. Welcome!!

I started in service 1968. Grew up with a "Master Electrician" (Grandfather), "Master Boilerman" (Father), "Master Plumber" (uncle) and listen and learned.
I also attended and still attend any and all clinics, trade shows, amd the like as well as RSES. I am also a technical reviewer for "Delmar" publishers.
NYC Licensed Operating Engineer 1968. Dut the best education is here on these forums.  :)

Ey oop,
Welcome to AJ's nuthouse.....

Csutomers, not product, is always the problem. We are cursed in the UK with ever cheaper, nastier machines of all sorts. I have little sympathy with the "budget" customers these days - they know they're buying cheap, yet they expect cheap service. Problem is, you can buy a washer for 180 over here (if you really want to!) - it still has a 100 computer board and a 90 motor. All these cheap machines are one step away from landfill.....

So, no "free call-out" under any circumstances, I'll give you a diagnosis on the phone, but, if you want me, you pay.......

I struggle to keep up with my work load, so I'm obviously doing something right!



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