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In todays appliance repair service, ive found that the hardest thing to deal w/ is telling the owner of a 2 year old amana bottom-mount ref that their compressor is shot and the manufacture's warr. is expired, or that their "just out of warr." center seal on their maytag (SAV,MAV,CAV,PAV,LAT,ect...) needs to be replaced.  I HATE these companys who dont evauate or test their products before they go on the market. And I always feel bad when i give a $300 estimate on a 2 or 3 year old machine.  I think that this is the hardest part of the buisness to deal with.

Then to make things harder them same people don't want to pay you because it only took you ten minutes to tell them it was not worth repairing.

A cheapskate wants a cheap appliance and wants a cheap repair.
Me myself and I always ask what kind of machine it is. Then in my mind I visually go over what goes wrong with these machines. I say to myself: SELF do you want to waste time and energy pizsing off these folks by taking their money when I KNOW they have a schitty appliance and I 9 out of 10 times have an idea what is wrong?

Best way to explain to them is your fee is exactly as a doctor would charge them. We tell them what is wrong for the basic fee. We charge for our knowledge. Also I learned a long time ago. We DON'T design them,We DON'T build them but we try to repair them.Think about it,if the engineer made a perfect machine,he would be unemployed. Thus he can always improve on the design & have a job for life!

What happen? when I worked for Amana in the late sixties early seventies they had the best guarantee in the business. Five years on everything.


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