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Technology and today's customers


This has happened to me more then once.

I get to a customers home to repair there appliance and it's working ok.

They get there cell phone out and show me the video of what it was doing, such as the noise it was making.

I must say it was very helpful a couple time.

Has this happened to any other techs?
Any customers every do something like this?

Today's technology is great, love it.  O0


Yes I have had that happen too. I thought it was great and it helped.

In fact it was one of them day's that a customer was showing me the video of there washer that I had the idea for this site.

I thought it would be great if techs could post videos of repair jobs and post them online.  :)

There is a lot of technology that can help not only the customers, but the techs too that just is not being used yet.

Maybe this site can change that.  O0


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