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You Might Be An Appliance Technician...

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... if you ever spent two hours trying to repair a $10 toaster. :2funny:

...if everyone you know brings you their ten dollar toater to be repaired :2funny:

I have had a few toaster apart. It's maybe been 20 years ago. :)
Hairdryers, toasters, fans, all that little stuff is what I started on.

I just loved taking things apart even as a kid. My dad would get made because I would take things apart to see what made them work and then not put things back together. Heck, taking them apart was the fun part. :)

Now I take $1000.00 plus washers apart and I get paid for it too.  O0

...If you have ever saved the power cord from a broken appliance. :2funny:

...if you're looking forward to Christmas just so you can put the kid's toys together. :2funny:


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