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Dishwasher won't drain code OE


LG LDF7810ST dishwasher code OE came up looking for service manual ,just replaced the motor working good for two weeks now this just happened water not draining out checked all drain hoses still same issues,hit cancelled buttons but will not drain, please if anybody got any ideas like to hear.
Thanks Curtis

According to the manual, OE means the unit did not pump out. It offers the following possbilities: (ver batim)

The Drain Hose kinked or blocked.
Wiring connection is OK?
The drain outlet of sump is blocked.
The Drain Pump/Motor or circuit is troubled.

It goes on to say what to do:

Remove the cause of kink or block.
Check the wiring connection.
Measure the electric resistance of Drain Motor. (20-40 Ohms )
Replace the Drain Motor or repair the Circuit

Thanks it was helpful ,the pump is no good thanks again got to get a new one hopefully this will be it for this dishwasher.


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