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LG Diswasher tripping cct breaker - Service manual?


Hi guys,
1st time poster here, been reading through the forums and seen how helpful it can be!

Im hoping to get some help with my LG LD-14AW3 thats a few years old now. It started making some whirring noises when it was in the wash cycle, it didnt seem to make the noise when the water is being pumped out of the machine.

Having said that, i let it go for a while as i was just too busy to look at it. Now when the missus turned it on, it tripped the circuit breakers. Im thinking that the motor is probably buggered.

Can anyone here help me out with the service manual so i can get to the motor easily enough and test it out/change it?

This is as close as I could come:

LG D/W Manual

thanks for the quick reply! i already got this manual from another thread here, i will use it for reference. Hopefully someone can find the AW range for me.

just an update:
ive discovered a small puddle of water under the dishwasher. Im guessing that one of the motor seals has let go.
Can anyone give me some general pointers on dishwasher operation? im pretty new to dishwashers, done plenty of washing machines, dryers and fridges, just havent had problems with dishwashers until now (1st one ive owned)


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