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Kenmore Washer Died



Our washer died in the middle of a rinse cycle - the tub is full of water, and it does nothing at all. I checked the voltage at the outlet and it is fine. Is there something easy, such as a fuse, I can try to replace? The washer came with our house when we bought it, so we were thinking of just replacing it instead of paying a over $100 to have someone fix it (that's what we paid to fix our newer dryer when the heating element blew). I've been looking for a fuse for it, but no luck.

Any suggestions or ideas? Or would it be better to just replace it?

Thanks in advance!!

Model   110.24642300

If you decide to replace it for a $30 lid switch, I'll gladly take it off your hands :)

The link below gives a picture of what I and RM beleive is wrong with your washer. If the lid is open the washer will not spin. If the lidswitch is broken then it will be as if the lid is open.


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