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Drive Coupling Quick Check


I made a short, silent video of the steps involved to check your drive coupling. Nothing fancy, just a demonstration of how easy it is to check this machine.

Coupling Checkout

Great job sir. I have it on my pc now. How could I pass it along to others or is that kosher with you?

It's OK by me if its OK bayou..

Just right-click the link to it and select "save target as" to a place you keep  your files, etc. like this. It's in .wmv format so you can name it whatever you like.

OK once I save it to my files how can I share it with others AND how do I rename it?

You share it by attaching it to any email. It's a fairly small file (665 kb)

If you want to rename it, do so with whatever name you want, as long as it ends with .wmv

If you want to post it on your google site, you'll be able to link to it directly from here by right-clicking and  clicking 'copy shortcut", which places a link on your clipboard. Go to your page and make a link which the URL is pointing to the shortcut. Same way I did the link here on AJ.


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