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Estate Washer Noisy during Spin



Model #ETW4400SQ1, this direct drive top load washer was operating properly, but would make a metal on metal kink of clanking noise while it was in the spin cycle. The noise seemed to come an go, but it did seem to occur more often with a heavier load, or while washing bulky items.

The tub on the direct drive washer rests on a metal base that spreads the load from the wash water and clothing out to the outer frame and into the feet on each corner. To allow for tub movement during operation, the tub itself is mounted to a tripod assembly with 3 arms that extend away from the base allowing centering springs to stretch from each arm to connectors on the base. To aid in the smooth movements during the spin cycle and to help prevent the machine from vibrating, a suspension plate is mounted between the tripod and the machine base. Separating each of these frame components are a series of smooth nylon pads that allow the metal frame pieces to slide smoothly while also holding the weight of the wash load above. As long as each of these components stays in their respective locations, the washer will operate with very little noise or vibration during the wash cycle.

Because the noise was described as a metal on metal sound, I began looking around the base of the unit for a possible loose bolt or motor mount plate but found nothing out of the ordinary. While doing a test load with water and clothes in the tub, I heard a sharp noise from the right front of the machine that would change in pitch as I moved the tub from front to back or side to side. With the machine stopped, I took pressure off the machine base by lifting each arm of the tripod where the springs connect and found one of the nylon pads had broken off from its mounting tab causing it to rotate out from under the suspension plate and to no longer carrying any of the weight on that side.

While I had the tub in a position I could easily get to the broken pad, I replaced it with a new suspension pad and then made sure everything was back in it's proper position. With the pad in place and the weight of the wash more evenly distributed, this washer no longer makes a rattling sound.


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