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Hotpoint BWD12 Selection Knob keeps turning



I have a hotpoint washer dryer about 3 years old.
Over the past while when I start a wash cycle, it begins the first stage (water in), then it starts spinning the drum, after a while it stops spinning and then the selection knob just keeps turning.

Thing is, if I take out the contents and reduce the load, the cycle can be restarted and will work.

But now it won't carry any load at all.

Is there a load cell somewhere that I can replace, I've opened it up and cleaned all parts, reset the PC board.

Any help would be really appreciated. Even a drawing of the insides with labels and stuff would be fab!!!


Derry we have the penguinator as a tech on this page. Hang in there, he will hook you up. I myself ain't familiar with a GE washer dryer combo machine. Sounds facinating though. I want so much to say maybe the belt is bad, that is my first inclination. It makes sense. After all the washer is a dryer too. The load is done altogether by that machine. GE is grappy lately over here across the pond. I am thinking maybe so on your side also.

same as Baumatic BWD12 User Manual

Baumatic is a Merloni machine, not the same as the Hotpoint, I'm afraid.

Key point with the Hotpoint is that when the dial starts clunking round, the start lamp will start flashing in a pattern, ie 1-2-3-4-pause-repeat. This is an error code. Count the flashes and report back.

Poor motor action could be down to worn motor carbon brush gear.



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