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When I first started doing service calls one of things that I disliked the most was the customer that stood over your sholder and watched everything You do making "helpful" suggestings. To avoid this, when they asked I much I charge per hour I would reply:
$40.00 per hr
$50.00 if you watch
$60.00 if you help

Same here,   ;)

  As bad as I hate to say this, If they know so much about the appliance, then why did they call me ? ? ?  ::)  I've never told a customer this, but I've come close ! ! ! !   ;D

well for the most part i don't mind if someone watches me work... but i had one customer who literally came behind the stove with me, and was promptly told he needed to keep a safe distance for safety reasons, well he continued to watch from over the counter

at one point his wife told him "give the man room" he then told his wife "mind your own buisness, woman"

shortly after that he went away for a minute and his wife gave me an apologetic look so i put my finger to my lips as to say "shhh dont say anything" took a BIG hanfull of screws and maretts and wire ends out of the tool box and set them on the counter

shortly after i finished repair(husband is back watching now) reassembled the stove then looked over at big pile of parts, scratched my head, rubbed beard and said outloud "these couldn't have been important anyways and scooped them back in the toolbox

well... old man went red in face started to say WHAT WHAT WHAT, by now wife has laughed so hard at him she fell out of her chair,
i let her tell him the joke after she stopped laughing

he stomped off mumbling "pay the man"   and yes she tipped well

another thing i find annoying is cluttered or hard access washers/dryers in tight closets,,,,,,i went to one stuffed with comforters all around it,they were in plastic bags but thats still a fire hazard,and they didnt even remove them before i arrived!another machine was in a closet with a closet wall actually in front of machine covering it half way!luckily it had a bad timer and machine was too old to be cost effective


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