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the problem seems to be on the 2 spin cycles.  after the wash cycle, it starts to spin slowly to empty the water, just as the water empties it is supposed to spin faster to release the fabric softener.  this is the point when it stops spinning.  you can still hear the motor running but it doesn't spin.  i open and close the lid and it will begin the fast spin. as the lid closes, there is minor "bang" noise, proceeded by the spin cycle. it almost seems like doing this, it's locking into gear. now for the final spin cycle after the rinse mode...  it is pretty much the same thing, there is the slow spin cycle to empty the water which works fine but when it's supposed to kick into the fast spin, it stops and sits there (motor still runnning). once you open and close the lid the fast spin begins.  i've bypassed the lid switch and the timer has been replaced with no change. i was told it may be the clutch, the coupling, the drain solenoid, a hinge. i don't want to take the whole thing apart, waste money on a "guess", replace something, put it back together - just to find out that wasn't the problem. i already wasted $40 on a timer i didn't need. i'm really hoping you can pinpoint the problem with the information i've given you.  thank you in advance!

Model 110.24642300

If you changed the timer to no avail, then this proves that the Neutral drain mechanism in the transmission has failed or that you got a bad timer. Rather than try to repair a transmission, it is strongly suggested that you replace the transmission.

Whoever told you there was a "drain solenoid" is absolutely nuts.

The timer is supposed to make 2 pauses after the main wash, one to switch motor direction to drain, then another pause to alow the neutral drain mechanism to engage (clunk). If the timer does not perform the 2 pauses, the machine will never spin unless you open the lid and create the pause yourself. Are you sure the timer was replaced with a new one?  I never heard of a $40 timer probably got skrude by whoever sold you a used part. Hope they are honest enough to refund your money so you can buy a proper new timer.

A coupling is less than 15 bucks and you have not looked to see if it was broken. The number one problem with this machine is people washing a big rug or comforter and break the drive coupling.

--- Quote ---once you open and close the lid the fast spin begins.
--- End quote ---

Still think it's a coupling?  sheesh...

I seen that once and you know what it was? The lid hinge was loose.It would hit the sweet spot and every now and then it would not. Because the lid was loose and the strike was not hitting hole everytime.When I would lean on the lid fumbling with the timer knob I figured it out. Loose lid hinge.


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