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LG Dishwasher not heating/drying


I have had my LG model LDS5811BB for a little over a year - and about a week ago I noticed that the dishes were actually WET when the cycle was over. They are not hot, either, as they normally would be after the dry cycle.  I have rinse aid in, and have set the washer to SANI, as I've read to try in different threads.
I don't believe it's under warranty anymore, so I wanted to check what I could do first, before calling a repair person.

Thank you for your help/ideas!


It may be a bad Heater

Heating Element 5301DD1001L

LDS5811 Service Manual

Thank you, I'll have that checked out.  Looks a little too complicated to be a "do it yourself" fix :).  Figures it would happen just after the one year BB warranty ran out!


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