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After disconnecting my gauges from my mothers outside unit, (my practice unit) there was still pressure in the hoses,is it illegal to purge the hoses(gauge) afterward, and would it have made a difference if I would have turned the unit off before disconnecting the manifold gauge?

Why purge the hoses right then? You never want any air in there which could cause ice inside the sealed system. If the freon stays in the hoses while they are not in use it is a good thing. There is a quick connect adapter you can put on standard hose that holds in the freon. I cannot remember what it is called but I have em on my hoses.Stops the dang hissing and finger freezing. and is big enough to quickly remove the hoses without getting frost bite. Dang it I can't recall the name of it.


about halfway down the page ...

"Prohibition on Venting
 ...- Small releases of refrigerant that results from purging hoses or from connecting or disconnecting hoses to charge or service appliances will not be considered violations of the prohibition on venting. However, recovery and recycling equipment manufactured after November 15, 1993, must be equipped with low-loss fittings."

When you go to hook up the hoses to the next unit you need to check, you THEN purge them hoses. Making sure no air has gotten into them before charging another unit.


--- Quote from: JWWebster on October 16, 2008, 10:22:56 PM ---When you go to hook up the hoses to the next unit you need to check, you THEN purge them hoses...

--- End quote ---

unless it's a different Refrigerant ...


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