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My washer will turn on for a short time then clicks off.  The GFI outlet also clicks off.  What could be the problem?

Model WJRE5500GWW

On a washer, the thing that draws the most current is the motor.

The motor could be the only problem, or the control could also affect the motor, since it determines which speed to send voltage to in order to wash. There's a tech sheet inside the machine control panel for you to read and check this out. It gives the resistance readings for the motor so you can rule it out (or in).

As with any diagnostic procedure, you will have to own a volt/ohm meter and know how to use it.

post your correct model number amigo.

My eyesight isn't as good as it once was (see RegUS_PatOff) ,
but from here it looks like WJRE5500G0WW

Now that you mention it, I am seeing US_Pat_Off on eveything I own...

Funny how you don't pay attention till it's too late :)


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