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GE Washer won't spin


I have a GE top loading washing machine-approx 10-11 yrs old (the model number is unavailable, but I believe it at least starts with WWSR30906...). I have the following dials on the machine (from L to R):

Load Size, Temp select, extra rinse, and the cycle selector.

All of a sudden it stopped spinning. It fills/drains well, agitates well, drains when it should be in "spin" mode.

I have looked over many repair forums, so I tried to look at certain things myself.

I took the front panel off to inspect the belt. The belt seems fine, moves the pulleys when manually moved, no cracks, etc. I get about a 1/2 inch or less leeway when pushing on the middle of the belt.

When the washer is running, and when it should be in "spin" mode, I do hear the typical sounds the trans/motor will make when being in "spin", so the machine does not just "stop". It almost sounds like it is shifting speeds  (again, all normal sounding to me since this is what I hear when the washer ran fine). But you see no movement of the tubs.

The lid switch will "click" and it is clean around the switch. It doesn't seem stuck, however I have not tested how much power is going to it. I have tried pushing it down with a screwdriver while the machine is running to see if it will start spinning, but it won't.
But I really don't think it's the switch, because, as I said, if I still hear the sounds of the transmission, motor, etc going through it's "spin" cycle when I push down on the lid switch, and when I stop pressing it, the machine stops like it should (hence no sounds at all).

I haven't taken apart the control board yet.

Should I try each cycle to see if it spins in any of them? If it doesn't spin in one, does that mean it won't spin in all???

I like my washer, but I can get a newer one for much less than having a motor/trans repaired on this machine.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Have you checked lid switch for continuity, part # WH12X1043
Also the mechanics of the lid switch is awful. Make sure the switch is being depressed by the actuator.

There are 2 things preventing it from spinning:
1. Something washed over the tub top & wedged between the outer tub.
2. Bad tranny, part # WH38X10002

You can remove the top cover on the tub to check for obstructions. If the lower pulley won't turn by hand or turns without spinning the basket, it's a transmission issue.

The lid switch is ruled out.

 Thanks for the replies! 

Found my complete model number:  WWSR3090T6WW
I took your advice above and checked for the spinning of the basket and for obstructions.

Ok, I turned on the washer, ran the spin cycle, and none of the pulleys are even trying to move (motor or transmission pulley). 

When the washer if off, I can spin the belt to move the pulley, and the basket does spin.

I can't get the lid off right now to check for an obstruction, so I took a flashlight and let it shine through the white outer tub to illuminate the space between the inner and outer tub, and when I look through the holes of the inner tub, I do not see any obstructions anywhere.

I guess I'll just scrap the washer. 

Remove the front panel first. Get mean with it. Spring clips hold it on at the top it is aggravating to remove use a putty knife, then remove the screws holding down the top and remove that lid switch disconnect.
Check that lid switch for continuity, part # WH12X1043


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