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Frigidaire Front Load washer making noise.


I have a frigidaire front load washer that is around 6-8 years old.

It makes a lot of noise when it is pumping out. Is there something easy I can do to fix it?


Hello and Welcome,

 If it only makes the noise when it's draining the water out then it may have something stuck in the water pump.

Most all these have a front panal on the bottom of the washer that you can remove. The water pump is right there in front of the washer mounted on the base.

If you could give me a model number I could pull up a diagram to make sure that is how yours is.

If there is nothing in the pump, but it is the pump you find making the noise then you need to replace the pump with a new one.

Hope that helps,


I cleaned the pump out and it works great now!!

Thanks! :) :)

That's great!

Glad to hear it.... :)


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