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Won't advance into spin cycle without opening the lid

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big t:
After the rinse cycle my washing machine will keep making noise like it's rinsing and won't start the spin cycle until I open the lid.  When I open the lid it makes a clunck noise.  I then close the lid and it starts spinning.  Any ideas on this?  I called a repair guy and he said it could be either the spin tube or transmission.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

Model Number: LLR9245dq0

big t:
sorry, it doesn't make a noise like it's rinsing but like a motor is turning or it's draining or something, then i open lid makes clunk noise and then begins spinning.  I also notice that when it is spinning down it stops more abruptly it seems.

Dude, it is neither the tranny nor the spin tube, but the timer. On this machine, the timer is supposed to create a 15 second pause between the wash and rinse cycle so the Neutral drain mechanism in the tranny will engage (clunk). If the timer skips this pause, the washer will drain and go into another rinse. It cannot spin until the motor stops briefly to engage the tranny.  New timer!

big t:
so even though it advances correctly between the other cycles it's still the timer?  The timer is 110 bucks :) I believe you I just wanna make sure it can't be another possibility.  Thanks repair-man!  Sounds like you know your stuff!!

Would you rather spend $200 on a tranny just to prove me wrong?

I hate second-guessers, that's why I voice my past experience when these issues come up..  :)

All you have to do is wait thru the wash cycle and see if the timer pauses or not after it drains the water from the tub. How hard is that???


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