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Appliance repair, a dying trade?

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--- Quote ---The problem is twofold. First the guidance counselors at schools are not letting students know that this is an excellent field to enter, they are busy pushing everything.
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I consider myself fairly literate.  I fail to see you demonstrate a valid point here. Trade schools push A/C & appliance repair all the time. Heck, you can be a CSI now.

--- Quote ---The second part is our own fault. Why look at the knowledge we need to repair today's appliances and the salaries.
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Third, I never heard of your credit score being a job pre-requisite. Most folks are broke if they are looking for work anyway  :)

I just recently had this discussion with a large appliance manufacturer as they would like to set up a program here on Long Island. The biggest problems they have seen is the guidence counselers steering students away, however the local Boces is all ears.  O0 O0 O0
Secondly this was a "Nationwide Sales" company that based their decission on my credit score. They will remain nameless as I would not embarass them the way they did me.  :embarassed: :embarassed: :embarassed:

You've got ITT Technical colleges in Buffalo, Albany and Syracuse NY

Are u by chance  related to JW?

Not related to anyone here.  :) Just stating the facts as Sgt. Friday use yo say.  ;)



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