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Bosch Washer Leaking from the Dispenser



Model #WFL2090UC/01, this front load washer would fill, wash and drain without a problem, but when it came time to refill the tub for the rinse, water would run out the the dispenser and down the front of the washer. If left alone, the washer would continue to operate as expected, but with a good gallon of water on the floor at the end of each wash, the customer was getting tired of cleaning up the mess.

Front load washers use electric fill valves to turn on and off the flow of water to the unit much like any other washer. But to allow for better cleaning, an automated dispenser is used to ensure detergents, fabric softeners, and bleaches enter the wash during the proper moment of the cycle. These dispensers are often drawers that pull out the front of the user panel and although water runs through them, they are not water tight.

The fill valves on this washer consist of a double cold valve and a single hot valve. All three valves are connected to the dispenser by their own hose, but the double cold valve shares a common hose inlet and wiring harness. Each valve is activated by the control board at specific points in the wash cycle to ensure the correct water temperature is being used at the appropriate time.

The trouble shooting process for this was to simply put the unit into a diagnostic mode and turn on each water valve to determine which one had failed. As I mentioned, the cold valves are ganged together and share a wire harness, but they turn on independently. Or at least they are supposed to. By cycling each valve on and off, I found both cold valves would turn on during the fill for the rinse cycle resulting in to much water entering the dispenser. This water couldn't enter the tub fast enough and eventually just leaked out the front.

I replaced the cold water valve assembly on this unit, and now all the water only goes into washing the clothes.


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