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I have a kemire top load washer and when it goes to rinse cycle it makes a horric sound. it continues through the spin cycle too. sounds like a relay humming  oor something. werd. any thoghts?

We'd prefer a model number...look inside the lid, it starts with 110.

After that, we can discuss the drive coupling problem.

It could be something between the inner and outer tub . One of them dang underwire bra things or maybe a shoulder supporter.

We don't need no stinking model number or for that matter no dumass download :D :

OK , So I took it apart. I was fairly easy to get apart. I took out the drive coupler and it s perfect. Nothing is broken on both plastic and the rubber coupler. The noise doesn't sound mechanical. It sounds electrical but I am not sure were. It runs through and completes the load just an annoying loud buzz while it it spinning or even draining water.


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