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whirlpool ultimate care II leaking water from bottom front and wont spin

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My whirlpool washer stopped in the middle of a cycle and is now leaking water from the bottom front of the washer.  Tried unplugging and plugging back in and now wont spin. Any suggestions

Model Number: LSQ9544KQ0

that model number is for a dryer

sorry model number is LSQ9544KQO

Al Capone:
Edited first post to include correct model number.

Well if it won't spin then you need to make sure your hinges are tight and your lid switch strike is hitting the safety lid switch and that arm on the lidswitch is not broken.(very common on these washers). The washer's pump can easily be replaced if it is leaking. A common problem is sand will get into the pump and wear out the bearing. You can clearly see the pump and tub with the case removed. To keep from being monotonous I have come up with a FAQ page(this is NOT a pdf) to cover these problems:


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