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Unit tripped breaker when heat came on. After resetting the breaker the fan would not come on. The ICM board had a burnt spot on it so I replace the board. The fan still will not come on. I have 240V coming into the board and have 24V from R-C. No where else do I have 24V. The fan will work if wired directly. Jumpering R-G at the board will not run the fan. Also replaced the sequencer. Still nothing. Any suggestions?


Forgat to mention that the 5 amp fuse on the board is good as well

Is this a new installation? If so, did you add heat strips to the air handler?

Is the thermostat digital, and has it been programmed correctly? (You said the problem started with the Heat mode)

From here it amost sounds like both hi and low speeds of the fan were energized simultaneously for this to have happened. Something in your low voltage wiring is shorting out the board when heat is called for. We can't see your wiring installation from here so this is speculation, you understand.

The heat coils are supposed to come on first and then 30 to 45 seconds later the fan kicks in. Are you waiting long enough for the fan to kick in?

Yes I wait for the delay for the fan to come on.Only the hi speed is connected. The med and low speed are connected to the dummy post. The outside unit will come on in cooling but not the fan.


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