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Melted Motor Pulley on Atlantis and Performa Models

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If you encounter a melted motor pulley on any Performa or Atlantis washer, you no longer have to replace the  entire motor. You  can now order the respective plastic  pulleys separately. See the attached sheet for part numbers.

Pulley Replacement Instructions

Model PAV, MAV, thru all

pulley part #12002815 subs to 21001950 which is a motor and pulley
pulley part #22004297 subs to 21001950  ;)

You can replace the motor pulley but you can't buy one because they dont make them anymore!

Oh, great...another Whirlpool "improvement" on Maytag's parts system. I guess there's no getting around a new motor then. How's that for planned obsolescence?

Yeah and the best part is i have a older motor w/out the pulley, but it is brand  new.  i guess i can't use it because you cant get the old pulleys off w/out breaking them

The ironic part of all this is that those pulleys came out in 2006 when I was still driving a Maytag  service van. They sent us bunches of them. Too bad I left them in the van when I left that December.


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