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Bellows Retaining Wire


I put a new door lock in my duet.  But am having trouble getting the retaining wire, that goes around the edge of the bellows and creates the door seal, back in place I only took 1/2 of the rubber off and the part that was in place has a nice tight seal.  But the rest of it,  I just cannot put back.  Is there a lubricant or something I should be putting on.  Have been using bicycle tire tools to try to slide the retaining wire in place.

Model Number: ghw9100l

I use liquid Dawn or any laundry detergent around the perimeter of the boot to slide the wire along. You have to have 4 pair of hands sometimes to hold one side down :)

Be sure to put the rubber boot on all the way before sliding the wire on. The part of the wire which has the spring attached should be the last section to go on at the bottom. I usually start at the 7:00 position and work my way clockwise to the 6:00.

Soap liquid worked perfect.  Thanks


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