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LWL203AC Washer won't spin, Nordge Top Load

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I have a 17 yr old Norge 20lb capacity top load washing machine.  Haven't seen or heard about any Norges elsewhere.

When it comes to the spin cycle all the water drains out quickly but it does not spin. However it makes the sound like it is spinning. The noise fooled me for a while until I lifted the lid just a little to peak inside.

The clothes come out soaking wet.  I've given it a amateur once over, I know very little if anything about washing machines. Although I've done the 90 second test to ensure water drains out quickly

Any ideas or tests that I can perform, to diagnose the problem.  I'm hesitant to have a repair man come out. Its likely gonna cost me at least $200.  If its a simple cheapish solution then I'll fix it or have repair person fix it. If its a costly repair, I would rather put the money into a new washer if needed.


Rusty that's gonna be the old Thrust washer kit problem. The way that washer works is when it washes it is going in a clockwise motion and the innards of that tranny are all doing the old gear thang and making that agitator go back and forth a tossing them clothes around while the brake spring is firmly holding down the tub. If the brake failed to hold the tub in place then the clothes would get all tangled up and it would not be pretty. The pump cannot move any water because it is forcing the water backwards into the tub. The motor comes to a screaming halt and rests for a minute. The timer then changes the polarity in the motor windings and the motor turns counter clockwise now. The pump starts pumping out the water now. The brake package gets released by the thrust bearing kit and the drum suddenly is free from bondage. It starts to rotate, It gets faster and faster until it is a hurricane extractor a slanging out every last bit of water from them there clothes. So what goes wrong? The bearing wears out. the pulley has a cam riser on it the raises the tub and releases the brake. The kit comes with a new pulley and assorted parts to make that machine all nice nice once more. The main issue in replacing the kit is: All items must be replaced in the order they came off. AND you have to know a way to compress that 200 pound spring that is holding the tub down. The kit comes with assorted washers along with that famous Thrust bearing. If you get too many washers on it the tub will move during washing. BAD. if you don't put enough then the brake will not release and you will have what you have now. I use a claw tool to compress the brake package to make the job easier. other Hercules type peeps in this forum claim they can do it while standing on their heads with a flat blade screwdriver. Whatever floats yer boat.:D

By the way they want a series number from you to sell you the correct thrust washer kit. The first 2 numbers in the serial number is the series number. If you serial number starts with a 10 then that is the series number

Norge is one of the Maycor brands. So is Magic Chef, Amana & Admiral.

What is likely needed here is this kit: parts #12002213. All series now use this kit. Instructions included. No special tools.

MAYTAG 12002213 Thrust Bearing Kit, AP4009132

Wow RM now that is cool I did not know that.I also noticed they don't have the pulley in there either.Now let me get this straight do we use all of the washers in this new kit or either the thick one verses the thin one like in previous versions?


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