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Author Topic: Frigidaire Range Noisy While Baking  (Read 6281 times)

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Frigidaire Range Noisy While Baking
« on: October 07, 2008, 05:29:13 PM »

Model #GLEFZ384GCA, this freestanding range was fully operational, but the customer began to notice a high pitched noise coming from the area of the control panel while the unit was being used. Thinking it wasn't a big problem, the customer ignored the noise thinking it might just go away. But after dealing with it for several months, it was finally time to silence the range.

Ranges, ovens and cook tops all use a higher voltage than most appliances in order to power the high wattage heating elements used for cooking. The most common voltage used in North America for is 240vac while 208vac can be found every so often. These voltages are routed through electrical components designed the take the voltage and current demands in stride. But many of the newer and lets say fancier appliances are using electronic control boards to turn heating elements on and off using a components called a relay. The relay uses a coil of wire to create a magnetic field that will close a set of switch contacts allowing the high voltage current to flow. Sometimes, this magnetic field will make an audible ringing sound when in use that can be annoying to anyone nearby.

Which is precisely the reason I was here. After removing the rear control cover, I started a bake cycle and once the relays snapped shut, the ringing noise began. Because it was only during the bake mode, this limited the failure to a single relay on the board. Unfortunately, the board only comes as a complete unit, so that is what was replaced. After installing the new clock/timer boardicon into the range, the bake cycle was quiet again.

Just a note: the boards on many of the Frigidaire ranges have a membrane sticker (usually white or black) attached to the control board that does not come with the new board. You can reuse the existing sticker by carefully removing it from the old board, or order a replacement if that works better for you.


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