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drum tilts: normal, right?

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Hi folks,

I repaired my Whirlpool GST9675 last week, as it had a bad coupler. Seems to work great now.

My wife now insists that the drum could not be tilted side-to-side before the repairs, and I say that it always could and she just did not notice it before.

I know my old Maytag machine could.

So, QUESTION: isn't it normal that the washing machine drum (top-loader) can be tilted side to side, after which it returns to the center, balanced position? Isn't this just how it ensures a balanced spin and stuff?


Model Number: GST9675

Murph you may have a broken suspension spring. Their 3 on this washer with a 4th spring that goes from the rear base to the back of the washer. It may be broken or just came off.

Whirlpool insists that it is normal for the spin basket to stop in the right rear position, around 1:00 when a heavy load is brought to a halt. Although the tub is supposed to flex freely in all directions much as yur Maytag did, JW is correct to advise that you inspect the stabilizer springs one last time to ensure that they are still in place. This requires that you slip the cabinet off without disturbing the machine base.

I inspected all the springs this weekend again, and they are all there and attached. I even took off the drum again and re-mounted it. When I washed a load, the drum still leans about 1-2" off center toward the left side. After the final spin cycle, however, the drum was centered well. Physically tilting the washer slightly to the right or left seems to have no effect on the leaning of the drum toward the left.

When I fixed the coupler a few weeks ago, I had the washer upside down for a couple of days. Do you think being upside down could have stressed the springs? Do you think I should just replace all of those 3 or 4 balancing springs?

I did not see anything else loose. The motor, gearbox, drive-shaft and all are secure.


Yeah having the washer upside down would throw it off a bit but as long as it ain't sloshing the water out during the cycle it should be ok.You are lucky the oil didn't run out the tranny.


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