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Maytag toploader leaking


First I wanna say, fantastic site!  Definitely a "add to favorites".

Well I have a old maytag washer I picked up cheap to wash my "work clothes". Its been leaking since day one but I tracked down where the water is coming from. Its coming from a white plastic "thing" that goes between the hoses that fill the washer.  I attached pictures since I couldn't find any info on what that "thing" is or what its for.  

When the washer is filling that thing also fills up and overflows.  Is there something missing from it? Is it supposed to be filling up as the washer fills.

Also I removed the screw that mounts it to the washer so that is why its hanging there.

Model LAT9200BAE

Thanks for any info and help.

It's called an "injector nozzle" and they all leak eventually. Its purpose is to add air to the incoming water so it will disperse properly into the tub.  Order it by typing your model number into the part detective slot and searching the results for this part. Keep the  clear plastic cone inside the front hose so you can install the new injector sleeve over it. In time, the rubber becomes crusty an non-pliable so it leakes out the top of the device.  A $6 fix!

Wow, smart, fast, and quick.  Thanks a alot Repair-man.   You know, you guys are going make me look alot smarter infront of my wife now O0

We've actually been responsible for a slight increase in the birth rate as a result of such gratefulness :)


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