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Frigidaire Commercial Display cooler

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Commercial display cooler. Glass front, double door on back.
Model BRD 60 SF.
Anyone have a wiring diagram?

I might can help you with a specific problem. What is the unit doing?

 The diagram is sometimes inside the console.

Console Removal

The cover to the control box is missing. It was probably glued to that cover. Another technician pronounced the compressor dead. He was right.
I have been asked to replace the compressor. The discharge line has a solenoid valve on it . I presume a pump down valve. It has no wires going to it. I need to find out where the valve wires connect inside the control panel.

that solenoid valve has go to do with defrost right?


--- Quote ---I have been asked to replace the compressor.
--- End quote ---

So, refuse to do so without the proper documents or at least do so with the understanding that no warranty is provided with the repair..

The solenoid is the hot gas defrost for this unit.  If this is the case, it is controlled by the defrost timer or any thermisters which may be in there. If you are jumping into a unit which has a questionable history...get out now...

Without the  documents for this unit you are fumbling in the dark. Obviously something has been extensively repaired on this unit already for the solenoid to not be connected and a bad compressor to boot.


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