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Maytag Frontloader bearing replacement


Hi there,

A bit of a start - I know what is wrong - the main bearing is cactus :(

It's a Maytag MAF1300AAW - which isn't too common but looks very much like the compact washer MAH2400 in the service manual download.

So - what do I have to do to change the bearing?
does the tub have to come out?
can you get to the bearing behind the "bearing cover" listed on p22?

A video would be nice  ::)


I can not find any info on this model washer.

Was this washer sold in the USA?

AppTech> Was this washer sold in the USA?

Ahh so you have found me out - If you check my posting time 4:33am... :o
you can probably guess that I'm not just staying up late surfing for washer info.

 - probably not sold in the USA - it would be 240V,
and designed for upsidedown installation in the land downunder.

But as per previous post - apart from the electronics it looks very similar to the MAH2400.

Image of front panel attached (I think)


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