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This GE won't always drain.  Will go through Cycle not drain continue to end and start a new cyle.  Have to work timer in and out and sooner or later it will engage pump.  Pulling plug and plugging back in sometimes will engage it.  Is this the timer or solenoid or what?

Model WHDSR315D0WW

By your description, the timer is bad. Type your  model number into the Parts Detective lookup (left column) to arrive at the timer control.

take the front panel off just for fun and remove the electric pump and see if any strings, coins, or sand in it.

Well, I pulled the pump.  I noticed it was very hot, even tough it was not working, it had a hum to it.  Not the desudising thing. No debris inside the impeller area, however, when I try to turn it, it is like an old air craft magneto, there is a spring like resistance to it for approximately 90 degrees, then it goes forward for another 90 degrees same thing.   I work with digital motors which have 360 points to it and it's easy to tell when it's shot.  Are these supposed to turn 360 degrees with no bumps or no?

That particular pump has those characteristics. It does not turn like a propeller, but in increments. Same with the Duet pump, the Neptune pump, etc. most of which are made in France by Placet. It could have gotten hot by the improper current provided by the timer, but you can check it for sure.

 To properly test the pump, apply a 120 volt test cord to the 2 terminals. This will do 2 things:
1. Prove the pump to be good or bad
2. Confirm that the timer is also bad.

You can make a test cord from any old lamp cord, etc.


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