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Author Topic: GE Refrigerator Ice in the Fresh Food Section  (Read 4096 times)

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GE Refrigerator Ice in the Fresh Food Section
« on: October 01, 2008, 03:40:45 PM »

Model #PSF26PGWAWW, the customer was finding water on the bottom of the fresh food side of this side by side refrigerator. After cleaning up the water a few times, they removed the bottom drawer assembly and found large balls of ice stuck to the left and rear side wall. Using a hair dryer, they defrosted the unit a few times, but within a short time, the ice was back. This is unfortunately a known issue on these models, so with update kit in hand, I set out to rid this unit of ice.

This particular side by side refrigerator is part of a growing number of new designs that utilize a dual evaporator system for zonal cooling. Unlike most refrigerators that share the air between the freezer and fresh food sections through air channels and dampers, this unit has an evaporator in each side allowing for more accurate temperature control. The evaporators share the rest of the sealed system and utilize a gas valve to provide refrigerant to the fresh food evaporator when the cooling demand requires it. By cooling both sections independently, the temperature change in one side will not affect the other, and the humidity can remain higher in the fresh food section (help keep produce fresh) and very low in the freezer (humidity freezes and sticks to things in there after all).

The reason for the ice that seems to grow out of the side of these units is air leaks. Even with the two sides working independently of each other, air leaks within the liner are allowing moisture rich air to come in contact with cold side panels and refrigeration tubing, thus begining the ice building cycle. But as I mentioned above, there is a fix for this problem, and it is an simple enough repair to do is you take your time.

This photo shows the components that come with the repair kit and with the exception of basic hand tools and a drill, everything you will need is here along with some spare items. Each step in the repair has drawings or descriptions to aid in the repair along with a few helpful hints to make things a bit easier. I do recommend that if you need to install one of these kits, dry fit everything first before installing any sealant just to keep things nice and tidy.

This photo was taken after the ice ball kiticon was installed and evaporator covers back in place. The new parts of the kit are difficult to see (as they should be) once it's all back together. With everything sealed and the new heater installed, this side by side refrigerator should remain ice free, at least on the fresh food side.


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