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Whirlpool dishwasher runs great, but door leaks like crazy

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Got mice?

I think I may have figured it out. It disgust me to admit to this, but I'm running a cycle now with no leak. I noticed the majority of water poured out at the upper left of the door when I opened it. I never knew what that grid was but apparently its a vent of some sort. Well it was packed with crap that makes me sick to think my dishes where in there. Anyway clean it all out and I can only think with the junk in there it was somehow letting water by. could that make sense? When I remove the vent cover you can see right through the door.

That vent serves 2 let the steam out during the dry cycle and to allow air pressures to equalize in the tub during the wash. With the vent blocked the water could pressure up that inner door area and leak. Don't hear about too many vents clogged, that's one suggestion I would not have thought of until after we had done a few other things.  Glad you found it and solved with no parts used.

Thanks for everyone's help. This is an awesome service and got me looking in the right direction. It was the vent for sure, ran it twice all the way through and not one drop of water! I guess in 17 years of running perfect I should do some maintenance.

This worked for my dishwasher too!  The left side of the door was leaking.  I took the vent off, cleaned it, and now it has stopped leaking!  yay!  Just wanted to let you know that this must not be too uncommon.


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