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Whirlpool dishwasher runs great, but door leaks like crazy

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Good to know. Thanks for posting!  O0

Other than removing the vent cover and cleaning the cover is there anything else to clean in there?  My dishwasher is leaking now and I'm thinking it could be this same issue.  Do i need to remove the inner door cover to clean adequately?  Model number DU915PSB0

You don't need to remove the inner door cover on your model, just the vent screen. Should be able to pop the vent screen out with a flat blade screwdriver.

There is a vent panel, unlabeled, at top of inside of dishwasher door.
Pry this off and you will probably find plugged with crud.
Clean, replace panel and you are good to go!

Usually takes years for this to cause leak from door.
Clearly, a "self-destruct" feature. (need an emoticon for Whirlpool corp. giving us the finger!)
A clever design feature that must have won a prize for the engineer who figured it out.
Else, why not a label on the panel:"Remove Panel and Clean Regularly" and a tab on the panel for easy opening?


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