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Whirlpool dishwasher runs great, but door leaks like crazy

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Trying to order the correct part and a little confused. I removed all of front "vanity" or trim panels. I find it leaking from the top (just under push buttons), from the bottom (under where the wiring harness plugs in) and if I open the door while its running a ton of water pours out from the front side of the door. I am assuming the entire door seal is bad? When I look up parts I dont really find what appears to be door seals.

I find door parts like latches and covers and then one part for $100.00 called "inner door". I'm thinking I will need to replace the entire inner door. Can someone tell me if that sounds right to them, replacing that entire inner door? Here's the link to the parts page for this model on this website.

Parts Page

Here is an exploded view of the door for reference as well.


Thanks in advance.

Model Number: DU927QWDB1

The door seal is in the TUB view. Item #10 below:

By your description the float cup (#32) is stuck, allowing way too much water to fill the tub bottom. Check it and the little microswitch it rests on down below (#29). The water level in the tub should never be above the top of the heater element if the float is working properly.

Any suggestions on how much water looks like too much water? Or how to verify if the float is stuck?


--- Quote ---The water level in the tub should never be above the top of the heater element if the float is working properly.
--- End quote ---

Start a cycle and look at the water level after it has filled and begun washing. Real quick  way to tell if the float is stopping the water before it overfills. Sometimes the float cup can become lodged in the switch lever below. Only a visual exam of the float as you lift it manually will determine if it indeed trips the switch as it should. When the float rises up, the water coming in is supposed to stop.

ok, water level is well below maybe 2" below heater element, there was some crud on the float, it is moving up and down better, but I dont think it was overflowing that way. As soon as I close the door its a steady stream like peeing (pardon) coming from the bottom, about half that much coming from the top just under the handle area. Again I dont get why (unless it is the door seal) but when i drop the door (even if I just close it for 2 seconds to run) water pours out from the door. I dont mean like inside the door as if the water is above the bottom, I mean like the door has been filled with water. The seal seems to be good as far as tears, rips or hardness but what else could pour water out from everywhere?

Thanks again for any help


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