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I have a maytag performa washer that has just started getting out of balance.  The machine is level, the springs are all o.k.  Any ideas?? maybe the spring are week

Model pav2300aww

The snubber ring beneath the center base of the tranny may be bad or out of place.

Remove the front panel on your Performa and look at the area where the transmission rests on the  base for any signs of oily or greasy residue. This would indicate a bad lip seal leaking on the lower end of the transmission. This tends to make the snubber ring greasy and slippery, causing the tub not to stay balanced. Also, lean the machine back and pop the white plastic cover off the center pulley to see if there is evidence of oil there. This will confirm a bad seal.

If no oil is visible, then the snubber ring may be the only problem, although you'll need special tools to do the repairs on this machine. The snubber ring rests under the brake stator, which has to be dismantled to do the repair.

thank you!! now how do i go about taking this apart? snubber ring .you mention a special tool? i have taken engines apart not a washer with a snubber ring

There's a tool list somewhere on this site, although I can't seem to find it for you right now. You must have the brake/bearing tool and also the tool to remove and install the 6 springs. The whole tub will come out, transmission attached when you remove the springs and hoses. Then you flip the tub on its top to begin taking the brake apart. The Performa manual is your best bet, as this can be a detailed repair if you are not careful. Most folks are discouraged after learning that the tools cost $90 more than the ring.

If you don't buy the tools, don't attempt the repair, cause you'll do harm. The brake is under 200 lbs. of spring pressure and you don't want to release that kind of force without the proper tools.

Here's my copy of the Performa Manual


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