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--- Quote ---the agitator works just fine.  the problem lies with the spin cycle. first it started out having a weak spin, then it finally stopped spinning all together
--- End quote ---

JW, will the machine agitate OK with a bad coupling? Then, just spin weakly for a few weeks?

Puh-leeze  ;D

Yeah if it was not installed right. I have seen guys try and replace that coupling by laying the machine over and trying to get it done without removing the case....

thanks for the suggestions, i think i'll start with the clutch possibility. all i need now is instructions on how to get to it, and then diagnosing it. anyone? (keep in mind i know nothing about washers let alone taking one apart and fixing something) :embarassed:

The diagnosis has been made. You've eliminated other possibilities with the symptoms.

Regarding the repair, we don't teach appliance repair here so much as we help you find out what's wrong. There are specific repair manuals you can obtain that will show you step by step how to do the repair. Even technicians use these for reference when they are inexperienced with a particular brand. These manuals (and DVDs) are available here on the website. If we taught everyone how to do things for free that we spent our working life learning, we would be out of work as technicians, right?

Replacing or even looking at the clutch requires you to:
Remove the cabinet
Remove the agitator
Drop the motor, then the transmission

This is why the repair manuals were designed, to prevent mistakes. I highly recommend that you get the clutch kit first to avoid tearing into the machine twice for the same thing. I also  would replace the drive coupling simply as preventive maintenance, to keep you from having to go back in there anytime soon after doing the clutch repair. Again, we are talking about relatively cheap parts to fix this problem.

you have a point repairman. i will take your advice and get a manual. i'll keep you updated.  thanks again.


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