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yesterday i thought i was done and didn't plan on posting anything else but felt the urge to after reading the last few posts.  you are right, i am an "average" customer that knows nothing about washing machines. that is why i came to this forum. i was looking for people like you that knew what they were talking about to guide me along. i was very appreciative to get any and all advice that i did. on the other hand, yes it was confusing.  i took on the major job of tearing my machine apart, (which i think i did a pretty good job and could put it back together the right way)if i need to.  my husband is terrible at "fixing" things and has NO patience what soever. when i told him i was going to attempt it he warned me it would be tough but supported my decision.  it's not because he is lazy or doesnt want to deal with it that he did not do this himself. (just to make that clear). anyhow, since i got home yesterday with the WRONG spin tube  :tickedoff:, i have not even went back into the laundry room out of frustration.  i am currently online comparing the prices of new washing machines.  We only have about $250-$300 to spend on one, and thats because my husband is going to work some over time to cover it.  being limited on funds, we would be lucky to find one at that price, and one that would suit our needs and not break down every other month.  Like I told you before, i totally respect you, and everyone else here that does this for a living, and has the kind hearts to give their advice for free to anyone who asks. i learned a lesson in that it's possible to have too many "cooks in the kitchen".  after sleeping on it i have decided that im going to take the spin tube back, get my money, and either by a new washer or replace the clutch which i believe is around $40?? maybe im way off and that was another part? anyhow i'll either have thrown out a perfectly good machine that just needs a new part, or take a chance on one that has not even 1/2 the quality of the one i have.  you said you wouldn't give any advice without being asked, so i'm asking.  given the circumstances (limited funds, having no experience, etc.) which do you think would be the better alternative? 

In your case Lee, I would take back the wrong part he sold you and trade it for the new clutch kit. Since he sold you the wrong part, there should be no quibbling.  Try the new clutch in your machine and see if it runs OK afterwards. If so, a new machine is not needed. If not, you are only out $30-40 and can buy a different machine. Either way, you have begun your way into understanding how this machine functions and can show up your husband as the "Mr. Fixit" in your family :)

that was what i was leaning towards, i have the confidence i can do this and really don't want to give up.  i think it's a good machine and if i have to spend another $30 it's worth it.  i just wish we would have purchased the extended warranty. oh well too little too late.  thanks for not being too frustrated with me.  :)


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