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 :-\ Hello, I am brand new here and desperately need advice.  my washer stopped spinning and repair man came out and said the trans. was bad.  he told me he would only charge me $150 to fix it. well, looking online i am finding out just a transmission alone is more than $150.  I am suspicious and need to know how to find out if i really need a new one, or maybe a simple part. I am willing to take washer apart and check but need DETAILED instructions.  Being a female I am not skilled in this department but have some time to do this and really don't have much $$$.  Thanks to anyone who responds.

Model Number: lsr8010pt0

Here are some posts that already explain what to do...use the search box above to find more on "Whirlpool washer won't spin"..

hi and thanks for the reply.  the agitator works just fine.  the problem lies with the spin cycle. first it started out having a weak spin, then it finally stopped spinning all together.  im just wondering if there are some parts or part of the transmission that can go bad instead of having to buy a whole new one.  i need to know what to look for.

The transmission has not gone out if it still agitates.

Your machine needs a new clutch kit. Not an expensive item, not real hard to replace. The agitator and transmission have to be removed, as the clutch sits atop the gearcase. The parts will be less than $40, and you can purchase repair manuals cheaper than hiring that technician. In fact, the instructions for the clutch kit are in the package, part # 285785

More than likely it is the coupling. I would check that first, part # 285753A


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