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Our Maytag dishwasher (model #MDBH955AWS) is making continuous grinding noises during the wash and rinse cycles.  Also when it starts up it makes a noise like there is an electronic problem.  Is there a way to see if something is perpetually being ground up?

It sounds like there is something caught in the wash impeller. What kind of electronic noise are you hearing?

The electronic noise I'm hearing is like a buzzing sound that lasts for about 3 seconds.   I hear it every 30 seconds or so for about the first 5 minutes of the entire cycle.  I'm thinking that if I cleared the impeller maybe the buzzing noise would stop too??  Any help would be appreciated.

You can remove the spray arm and top of the pump to get to the wash impeller.


 Here is the Service Manual for your dishwasher.


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