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Old Kenmore 80 Series - Just changed coupler, now nothing works


hey folks,
I've got an old Kenmore 80 Series washer that probably needed a new coupler - it made noise, pumped water out and ran for the proper cycle time - it just didn't spin . . .
After doing some research it appeared to be the coupler . . .
So I bought one, took the darn thing apart and replaced the old cracked white plastic coupler . . .
Got everything back together and nothing worked . . .
I'm pretty confident that I plugged all the electronic guts back where they go, however, I clearly messed something up . . .
Any help would be great ! ! !


Model 110.9228480

 - Jordan

Maybe you forgot to plug in that machine lid switch? Got power? Harness plugged into motor? lid shut? water on? Power bill paid? :D


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