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Kitchenaid leaking-- can I just replace the pump seal?


Model Number: KUDI01FLSS2

Our dishwasher is leaking from the bottom under the pump-- a repair main indicated that we needed to replace the seal, but that the seal can only be replaced with the pump... but I see here that I can buy the seal separately.  Can I indeed replace just the seal?  Could someone give me some basic instructions? I can see that it is cracked from the inside.

I saw this online but I'm not sure how my motor is mounted.   Can you tell from my model diagram?

Note… If the main motor of your dishwasher is mounted vertically, beneath the center bottom of the dishwasher, the following instructions probably apply to you. But if your motor is mounted horizontally, the pump isn't serviceable--you need to replace the entire pump and motor assembly.

The main tub seal is beneath the drain impeller. It prevents the water in the dishwasher from leaking out near the shaft of the motor. To get to the seal, which is inside the dishwasher, remove the:

    * Lower rack

    * Spray arm

    * Spray arm support

    * Wash/drain impellers

Then pry the seal out of its housing and replace it.


sound easy don't it? Unplug the quick connects and yank the pump and motor assemble up out of the tub. It is way easier to work on while sitting at the work bench. Then you may be able to do it if ya takes ya time.


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