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Door leaks upon cycle start -- KitchenAid


Water pours out from under door upon initial start up surge of each cycle.  Once running it does not leak. The door gasket on the sides and bottom is in good shape. Cleaned and tightened the pump gasket. Still leaks, any ideas?

Model Number: KUDR25SHBT1

If your pump cover seal is ok then I would look at the door vent.
Sounds like it may not be open at the start of the cycle.

Is the vent electrically operated?  With the door down I did see light inside when I shined a flashlight from the outside. About two cups of water pours out about 3 seconds after the cycle starts. The bottom spray arm assembly is not cracked and turns freely, although a little wobbly. The nylon bearings don't look worn, but there is about 1/8" of vertical movement of the spray arm assembly on the shaft.    Thanks for your help!


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