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How do I cut out or physically remove a dishwasher?  The old dishwasher cannot be removed the conventional way by adjusting the legs up because new marble flooring and a stone counter top were put in which prevent pulling out the old unit.  Can I disassemble piece-by-piece from the inside or cut out the dishwasher unit with metal shears from the inside?  Removing the marble flooring or lifting the stone counter top is not an option.
Once I manage to remove the old dishwasher, I can fill the space with a smaller dishwasher.  Thanks.

Model 665.158059

can the Legs be adjusted in all the way, then the tops cut off with a hack-saw, then twist (remove) the Legs ?

Would that give you enough room ?

I take the sides of the front of the lower tub frame in my large Channel Lock pliers and bend both sides inward so they collapse, allowing the front of the tub to dip down far enough to clear the cabinet. The frame, which the front legs are mounted on is thin enough to bend  if you have large tools to do the job. Beats sawing the legs off, but I have used tin shears a time or 2..

Now that we have the dishwasher removed we may need to persuade that dishwasher salesman to sell us a smaller machine.


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