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GSC3200J Broken glass in a GE dishwasher


I recently broke a glass when loading the dishwasher.
I thought I got it all, but I heard a brief deep "whirr ' when
I next ran it. As it subsided I let it run, but then heard a
rattling when it drained/filled. Any info or suggestions as
to how to get the remaining glass out is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Dsel

Well the dishwasher has a nut grater. I imagine it is grinding on that.Try to get most of the glass out you can. With any luck the glass will work itself out before it gets into the water pump seals and ruins them. The good news is the pump and motor come in a quick and easily replaceable package.

Thank you for your reply.
I was wondering if you can tell me where the nut grater is?
Is it accessible, as to remove any remaining glass?
Thank you again,

Check it out
click on pic to make it bigger
Number 505 needs to be cleaned out. You must remove the pump and motor to do it The nut grader is number 432, 428 is the nut grader screen.


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