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Water flowing in tub? SAV505DAWQ (made by Amana I believe)


Looking for some help with a Maytag SAV505DAWQ washer (serial 10460061CA).  Got the Amana manual here which appears to be the correct one for this design.

Belt fried a week ago when I was out of town.  Initally I turned the motor pulley and the motor spun, turned the tub pully and it would not spin.  Moved the tub a bit from above and it then spun freely.

Replaced belt and filled tub on mini load setting - filled, and then went into agitation mode, then drained and spun.

Actual laundy - tub did not empty.  Took wet clothing out and moved control to spin.  Can hear motor turning etc, peaked into tub and drum not spinning but water in bottom of tub is flowing rapidly around tub???

I know I need to replace the pump as when I did the belt it was obvious that the drive had spun in the fitting (plastic had deformed and it no longer had two flats).  The question is - is the transmission screwed?  If so I may just replace the machine since a pump plus transmission looks to bew about 250 for parts.  Also would the transmission be covered by a longer parts only warranty?  It seems this model was made by amana and they have a 10 year warranty on the transmission (parts) but I'm not sure on the Maytag (we bought it new but the manual is at home at the moment).

Thanks for any advise

It's not common for two things to go out at the same time. Replace the pump and I think you'll be ok.


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