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sears side by side compressor and dryer replacement

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I have no problem sweating in the compressor, evacuating it down, and charging the system. I have the equipment to do so. Does the new compressor come with oil or do i need add oil, if i need to add what kind and how much. Do you need to flush the system out? Where should i install the new dryer. suction or discharge line and where at in the line? I have taken a few pictures to help.

Model 106.51569104

Hermetic compressors come with all the oil you need. Additionally, the refrigerant has oil in it as well. Sweat your connections, evacuate the system with your vacuum pump (I doubt you know sweep charge procedures), and add the required amount of refrigerant. Always replace the old drier with one  that comes with the compressor. To answer your question about where to place the new drier, unsolder the old one and put the new one in its place. Since the new drier has a Schrader valve, it is best to remove the valve stem before soldering or at least use a wet rag on the drier to prevent overheating during the install process.

Evacuation Techniques

You NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!! unsolder a dryer!!!!! You should know that!

Yes, that is correct. The drier contains moisture and contaminants that can re-enter the system. I should have clarified my statement to say "unbraze the compressor and cut out the drier".

You really came up with a unique username, eh?

I don't know where that came from ? But I hope he is back to stay for a while. O0


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