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Maytag Washer, Trouble filling??

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I cant find the model number. Iv attached a pic that may help identify it, but iv looked all over, and the only model number i can find is the schematic model number.

Heres the problem. It wont fill right. It starts to fill, and you can watch it, but once it gets to the level marked "small load" you can see that the water never go's past it. Its just filling and Draining right out.

Iv done nothing yet except take the cover off, to include a pic of what I'm assuming is a drain pump? I think its related to that.. and heres why.
If i cover the drain tube going out, like with my hand, the system fills fine and runs fine.. if i take my hand off, draining continues until i just give up. lol

Model A408

BTW, i was on here before, and was helped by some one on another washer, i cant find that post, but this is another washer i have that im working on. i just thought i should say that, so you dont think im asking again aimlessly lol

To prevent the drain from siphoning out Maytag offers a cheap anti siphon device on their drain hose assembly.

ok looks Awsome!!! i cant tell though from the site, do i just slip this on before the hose enters the pump? or on the exit hose leading off the pump?

(i am of course assuming thats a pump lol)

Thanks a bunch btw for the help.

This model (A408) comes with a siphon device built into the inside of the cabinet. Obviously it is not working. Try making sure the drain hose is at least 38" from the floor, and is not clamped off to a sealed drain line.

By the way, your previous post was here that I helped you with:

There's nothing wrong with the pump. It cannot expel water unless the motor is running.


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